NXT Designs provides School Management Application Software, Which is unparallel and comprehensive School Software that covers each and every entity of school. It is an interactive platform for all the entities of School like Teachers, Management,Financial Department, Students, Parents and Librarian etc.

NXT Designs provides user-friendly dashboards with login access to all the teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management body of your institution. The various modules available in NXT Designs takes care of all the processes in your institution, right from admission of new students to generating transfer certificate, when the student completes the studies.

NXT Designs has modules to manage Timetable, Attendance, Examinations, Gradebooks, Campus News, Hostel, Library, Transportation, School Calendar, Events and many more. It has a full fledged Human Resource module to manage the payroll and payslip of employees. The Finance module helps you to plan and allot different fee structure to students. There is an internal messaging system within NXT Designs, but you can also integrate it with external communication tools like email.

Our School Software comprises different modules that cover each and every department of school and Makes the functioning of any Educational Institute effortless. We can also add more modules in our software according to user requirement. It is also called as ERP of School. This School ERP has been designed keeping in view the all the requirements of any Educational Institute. Nowadays, owing to increase in difficulties in manual management of an Educational Institute is a difficult task, out-of-date and prone to errors.It also strengthens the bond between students, teachers, parents, management and the administration staff of your institution. The open ended and scalable architecture enables our ERP to be customised according to your unique requirements.

Need for an ERP for Education Institutions:

Education in today's world has become highly competitive and so the institutions have also become highly student oriented. So in order to be different and ready for action the institutions need a central resource planning that can manage the entire information and operations of the institutions.


For education institutions which comes with the following features:-

  • Highly Flexible.
  • State-of-the-art Web 2.0 Platform.
  • User Friendly.
  • Highly Reliable and Globally Accessible Web Based Application.
  • Mobile Enabled.
  • Exporting of reports to MS-Word, MS-Excel, PDF documents.
  • Information can be imported from existing legacy systems.
  • The ERP can be integrated with Smart cards, Biometric readers, RFID technology.
  • The most flexible and interactive scheduling package for education Institutions.
  • A truly scalable web -based ERP for education Institutions available.
  • Low total cost of ownership.
  • Personalised home page for students.
  • Accelerating and expand communications with email reports.
  • Online analysis of performance with a wide choice of graphs.
  • Integrates key functions of finance, payroll and fee collection.
  • Zero data redundancy – uses centralised database.
  • Single student database for school administration, library and fee collection.
  • Single employee database for school administration, library and payroll.

It will help you to:

  • Automate Registration & Admission.
  • Manage Student Information Efficiently.
  • Manage Classes, Subjects according to requirements.
  • Automated Time Table Generation with a number of options.
  • Transport Maintenance Management.
  • Trace Students & Staff Attendance.
  • Library Management.
  • Staff Salary Generation & expenses Management.
  • Automated Examination Management System.
  • Maintain Grades , Create Grade Book.
  • Analyze the Performance of a class.
  • Manage Hostel Boarding & lodging.
  • Manage your own Security.
  • Countless MIS Reports Generation.

School Administration

  • Manage Students,Teachers,parents and Donors.
  • Manage Students Result.
  • Manage Notification about School.
  • Define Classes & Subjects For student & teachers.
  • Generate Fee Sturcture for School.
  • Generate Reports.


  • Manage Students homework.
  • Assign homework.
  • Share homework on social networking sites (facebook).
  • Manage classes.
  • Manage Student Report.
  • Generate Remarks on Student Reports.
  • Generate Student Attendence.


  • Manage homework.
  • Share homework amoung friends, on social networking sites (facebook).
  • ReportCards.
  • Manage classes.
  • Manage Student Report.
  • Generate Remarks.


  • Checkin kids progress.
  • Parent-Teacher interaction.
  • Get alerts from School Administration or Teachers.


Imagine your Institution to be wholly automated with no paperwork, no redundancy of data and most of all satisfied students who will be your best source for advertisement! We offer the school the following benefits:

  • Quick & streamlined flow of Information.
  • Improved existing processes.
  • Increased transparency & flexibility.
  • Improved Decision-Making Capability.
  • Improved utilization of reources.
  • Reduced Business process Cycle Time.
  • Increased Productivity.